3 Campus WiFi Challenges That Can be Solved 使用 Network Access Control


3 Campus WiFi Challenges That Can be Solved 使用 Network Access Control

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越来越多的移动设备,过时的wifi基础设施,BYOD和IoT,过时的RF设计,新的安全威胁;这些只是大学IT部门每天面临的挑战中的一部分。在高等教育中部署和管理无线网络变得越来越重要 complex to manage 在过去的五年中。


学生通过移动设备学习和交互的方式发生了变化,这已经满足了校园无线网络的要求,并将其扩展到教室和学习环境之外。拥有自己的设备 and the internet of things almost everyone 和 everything requires access to the modern-day 校园无线网络.

Having the necessary visibility 和 control of who, what, where, when 和 how your end-users, their devices 和 applications are accessing your network is critical for everyone's success 和 safety.

那么,您需要什么系统才能成功? Who 和/or what has access? 他们具有什么访问权限? How do you keep everyone 和 every point of entry to your wireless network secure? 

A 访问难题的很大一部分是部署 网络访问控制解决方案 或NAC。 

Here are three common WLAN challenges in higher education today 和 how network access control can help you overcome each one. 


的网络访问控制 它最简单的定义是 a security solution that allows you to define 和 create rules to manage devices 和/or users when they access your 校园无线网络

Think of it this way, NAC allows you to identify, assign 和 enforce pre-determined rules or polices to manage the access to your WLAN. 

挑战1 –管理最终用户 

大学校园支持各种各样的用户,所有这些都需要 different levels of access. From students 和 guests, to professors, administrators 和 contractors, everyone needs 访问不同的资源。  


  • 角色 –最终用户被确定为谁(学生,教师 etc.) 
  • 设备 –最终用户使用什么类型的设备(笔记本电脑,智能手机等) 
  • 位置 –设备或用户正在从校园内或校园外访问网络的位置 

使用 this type of data you can not only have clear visibility of the 5 W's but equally as important, enable 安全访问您的网络 based on context 和 the criteria or rules that make the most sense for your school. 

挑战2 –支持BYOD 

带上自己的设备 这不是一个新概念,但是挑战仍然相同。您如何安全地管理不拥有的设备?  


使用网络访问控制,您可以使用相同的信息(谁,什么,什么时间,什么地方,如何)来设置规则,以使您能够 更好地管理BYOD设备 尝试访问您的校园无线网络。  


  • 谁可以通过BYOD访问网络 
  • 他们可以使用BYOD连接多少个设备 

Utilizing the right NAC solution doesn't stop there. You can also create a safer 和 more enjoyable experience for your end-users by simplifying processes like not having to remember passwords 和 enhancing your network's security posture by using 基于证书 authentication 认证方式

一些网络访问控制产品还允许您与其他第三方安全平台集成,例如 移动设备管理 (MDM) 和 firewalls. This is a must-have feature that strengthens your ability to provide secure access.  

挑战3 –安全地 允许物联网 

The internet of things has 和 continues to impact every industry 和 how we think about deploying, securing 和 using wireless 和 mobility. 

The IoT has made it possible to connect anything 和 everything, 和 while this presents unbelievable opportunities, it's also made it pretty difficult to manage 和 properly secure. 


使用 custom fingerprints, 网络访问控制可让您 define your IoT devices 和 assign proper rules for granting access to your network, just like you would do with a smartphone or laptop. 

The goal is to give your users 和 devices everything they need, nothing more, 和 nothing less.

For example, why would your HVAC system need access to your accounting resources? It wouldn't, 和 failing to properly identify this point of entry 和 define it's level of access could leave you wide open to malicious attacks. 


网络访问控制是一种功能强大的工具, all colleges 和 universities should consider as they work towards providing secure access for their students, staff 和 guests.  

如果您不确定NAC是否适合您的校园无线网络,那么这些只是NAC可以在解决这些挑战中发挥积极作用的一些挑战, 回答这10个问题。如果您对其中任何一个回答“是”,则可能已经准备好仔细研究NAC。 

SecurEdge网络, it’s our mission to help you create an affordable, robust, secure, 和 easy to support wireless network platform. If you have any questions about network access control or would like to discuss an upcoming project, 请今天在这里与我们联系.